Case Study

Optimum Safety Management

Objectives & Strategy

Game-changing results, delivered

Optimum Safety Management ( is a full-service national safety consulting firm located in the Chicago area. They were looking to increase traffic to their website, specifically traffic from organic search. This made them a prime candidate for our SEO services and they inquired about our services through a referral from one of our clients.

More Visitors & More Engagement

Higher visibility leads to increased traffic & conversions

Optimum Safety Management wanted to focus on keywords related to safety such as OSHA. We optimized their website and produced 4 optimized blogs a month with safety and variations of the topic being the primary content focus. They also needed assistance when it came to optimizing their YouTube training channel.

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From .8 average monthly visitors to 2,155.67

A 6,433% increase in monthly average visitors in the second 6 month period

The media/marketing team at Optimum Safety Management wanted to be involved in the SEO process to help them better understand what needed to be done for properly optimized content. Design & Promote provided consulting services for their team once a month, teaching them about creating and optimizing content. We also provided optimization for their YouTube training channel as YouTube videos are indexed in search engines.

After two years of SEO services, their marketing team was ready to take on the optimization task upon themselves. When they enlisted our services, they had 17 of their 45 keywords ranking and indexed in Google. When they added SEO as part of their internal marketing strategy, they had 39 of their 45 keywords ranking on Google and we helped them get over 400 of their website’s pages indexed on Google.

  • Increase in Average Monthly Traffic over 3 Years 259619.28% 259619.28%
  • Increase in Keywords Ranking on Google 129% 129%
  • Increase in Keywords on Page 1 of Google 35% 35%

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Game-Changing Results, Delivered

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