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While the marketing push in recent years has shifted towards digital marketing techniques, we do not underestimate the power of print materials at Design & Promote. Print marketing materials continue to serve businesses in a number of different ways. Effectively designed print collateral puts your company and brand into your customer’s hands (literally), and serves as a reminder to your customers in their daily lives.

Print materials remind others about your business and give you an opportunity to leave something tangible with your prospects, though leaving something concrete with a prospect will only work effectively as a reminder if it also captures their attention. The creative designers at Design & Promote create fresh, professional and innovative designs that keep your business in the minds of your prospects and future customers!

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Keeping your Business within Reach

Eye-catching design that captivate your target audience

When searching online, potential prospects are looking for your company. When you hand out a business card or leave behind a brochure, your company is suddenly within the prospect’s reach.

When designing a website or a trade show display, we have a 3 second rule, which means that your website or display needs to capture your audience’s attention and tell them exactly what your company does within 3 seconds or they will be onto the next one. With print design, we capture your audience’s attention quickly, though there’s an additional element of brand exposure that the medium brings to the table.

From smaller design materials such as brochures to large billboards, our design team has done it all! The Design & Promote team will help you strategize, update your look and design print materials that stand out to the right audience. We’ll work with your favorite printer to reach the perfect fit and finish for your print materials. If you’re not sure which printer to utilize, we can also provide recommendations.

Starting a New Business?

Not sure where to start with marketing & print materials?

Design & Promote has the expertise to design the marketing materials that your new business needs. That being said, we take it a step further. We will help you decide what marketing outlets and materials are right to get your new business of the ground. Our designers expertly craft your brand’s image and our marketing team ensures that the messaging is consistent with your vision. Design & Promote helps businesses put their marketing budget into the right materials and creates professional designs that resonate with the right target audience. We will help you develop a plan based upon your industry, product or service, and target market to expertly craft your promotional material strategy, giving you all the tools you need to hit the ground running.

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