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Skyline Exhibits

Objectives & Strategy

Game-changing results, delivered

Skyline Exhibits ( is a unique case study. The President of Design & Promote actually began refining his SEO strategies while being an employee with the Tradtec Skyline in Chicago, which is a local distributor. The need of this distributor was to gain more traffic to their website and success was found through what became Design & Promote’s SEO method.

More Visitors & More Engagement

Higher visibility leads to increased traffic & conversions

After seeing success with a local distributor, interest was sparked by the other Skyline trade show booth distributors and SEO techniques were implemented for the Las Vegas and Orlando branches of Skyline. A year later, Skyline’s corporate office turned to Design & Promote to help their main website with traffic.

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From an initial 10 ranking keywords to 70 

More leads generated through blog posts, and fresh website content

With Skyline, optimization began with their new website redesign. This included optimizing images and the site’s current content, along with creating new content through primarily blogs and landing pages. Skyline also implemented a blog site dedicated to trade show tips (, where Design & Promote wrote and posted new content for the website on a regular basis.

Skyline Exhibits had 10 of their initial 45 keywords ranking. As the strategy became more aggressive, they added more keywords to rank for, increasing their total to 80 and they currently have 70 of those keywords ranking in search. has over 2,400 pages currently indexed in Google.

  • Increase in Average Monthly Traffic 286% 286%
  • Keywords Ranking on Google 87.5% 87.5%
  • Keywords on page 1 of Google 75.3% 75.3%

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Game-Changing Results, Delivered

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