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Lawler Group

Objectives & Strategy

Game-changing results, delivered

The Lawler Group ( is a recruiting firm that specializes in pairing executive level employees with companies and organizations that are in need of executives and managers. They came to us in 2012, looking to increase traffic to their website and to expand their visibility on search engines.

More Visitors & More Engagement

Higher visibility leads to increased traffic & conversions

The process began with updating and optimizing current content on their website. Their focus was to initially create blog posts and press releases pertaining to the keywords they chose after we provided them with a comprehensive list of keywords related to their niche. The strategy was an aggressive one with us producing 3 blog posts per month along with press releases and off-site blog posts to help increase referral traffic.

From an average of 12 visitors per month to 137 average visitors – More than 11x their original visitor average!

More leads generated through blog posts, and fresh website content

The strategy shifted a little to appease Google and other search engine algorithms. With blogs still being the main source of content, landing pages were added to their SEO strategy. As an Executive/Management recruiter, the Lawler Group wanted to avoid the keyword and variations of the word headhunter. However, headhunter yielded a high level of searches performed within search engines and it was decided to use this term in a creative way to help them rank for the keyword headhunter and other terms incorporated within that content.

When the Lawler Group enlisted our services, their website was only ranking for 3 of their 30 chosen keywords. They are now ranking for all 24 of their keywords and most of these keywords are on the first page of Google. They initially had their core pages as the main content of their site and since 2012 we have generated new and optimized to increase the page count on their website to over 300 pages.

  • Increase in Monthly Visitors over 5 Year Period 1008% 1008%
  • Keywords Ranking on Google 100% 100%
  • Keywords Ranking on Page 1 of Google 83.3% 83.3%

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Game-Changing Results, Delivered

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