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We design innovative, hard-working websites that you can proudly stand behind as the online face of your business. We hone in on three key website design elements for maximum impact: visibility, usability, and converting visitors into customers. Since we create websites that use the latest trends and technologies, your customers will always enjoy a smooth, seamless and user-friendly experience, whether they’re on a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. This means that you’ll have happy visitors that stay on your website – and do not move onto the competitions.

Simply having “a website” isn’t good enough anymore. If your website isn’t fresh, creative, engaging, interactive and user-friendly, then your website isn’t doing enough for you. Fortunately, there’s Design & Promote, an expert website design firm.

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Our Website Design Process

How effective design gets your business noticed




What do you sell? To whom? Who is your competition? Why do customers choose your business?

Analyze & Strategize

What goals does your website need to accomplish? How can we structure your site to meet those goals? How can we better engage your visitors?

Design & Develop

Is each page appealing and engaging? Is the navigation intuitive? Are the calls to action effective?

Training & Launch

Do you understand how to use and update your website? Has everything been cross-checked for quality control?

Responsive Website Design

As technology changes, so does web design

Simply having a well-designed website doesn’t cut it anymore. 2017 marked a new milestone in mobile website traffic, as half of the world’s population is now connected to the internet. This detail counts for a 10% increase in the total number of website users compared to 2016. More impressively, mobile browsing now accounts for half of the world’s online traffic, which is an increase of 30% year-to-year.

At Design & Promote, we know your site should both look professional and function just as well on mobile devices and laptops as it does on desktop computers. This means that your site needs to adjust and change its layout for each device in order to always look its best. This is called responsive website design.

Content Delivered With Speed

Website Optimization for Speed, Conversions, & SEO

On mobile phones and desktop computers alike, your phone number should be the most prominent call to action. Text size should change based on the viewer’s device and animations should be minimal on phones as opposed to tablets and desktops. The “fold” changes on laptops as opposed to desktop computers and larger monitors, so your call-to-action graphics need to adjust for laptop sizes so that they are always above the “fold.” Our web design experts keep all of these best practices in mind as they are designing websites.

Along with taking the best practices and conversion strategies into consideration, Design & Promote also offers website speed optimization services. Website speed optimization can increase search engine optimization (SEO) results as well as keep more visitors on your website. Our team is here to ensure that your site is always producing desired results, whether your customers are using a tablet, phone, laptop, or desktop computer.

WordPress & CMS Development

It’s never been easier to manage your site

Gone are the days of calling your website designer or developer every time you need to post an update on your website. With content management systems (CMS) which model popular sites like Facebook and Pinterest, it is becoming easier for end-users to add content to their websites.

Most often, Design & Promote’s website design team would recommend the use of a content management system and WordPress is usually our first choice. WordPress provides a very user-friendly back-end management system which allows our customers the convenience and ease of being able to update their own websites. All websites developed by Design & Promote are completed with the end-user in mind. We make it easy for you or your team to change every element of your website’s content.

First Impressions Matter

Ensure that your business’s first impression is a great one

It takes a visitor less than a second to decide whether or not they like your website design and within 3 seconds or less they decide whether or not they will continue to look through your site. Design & Promote improves websites for our customers to ensure that they stand out from the competition. Make sure that your business’s first impression is a great one and talk to the design experts at Design & Promote. From smaller updates to increase online conversions or updating text content on your site to complete website re-designs, our design team does it all!

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Game-Changing Web Design, Delivered

The design experts at Design & Promote are here to ensure that your website stands out from the competition and keeps visitors looking through your website. We design with conversion strategy in mind and our team will ensure that your website makes a great first impression with your prospects. Ready to get started on your next design project? Reach out to our design experts today!