Social Media Marketing

Increase your brand awareness by engaging with your audience

Social Media Marketing

Develop a social media strategy to reach your goals

Social media marketing provides a way for businesses to increase their brand awareness, build brand loyalty, engage with their target audience and connect with their followers. Social media has become a vital piece of any digital marketing plan in recent years. As a social media marketing agency, we understand that having an account with social media networks is not enough. It’s not the same as engaging your audience and it’s certainly not the same as building relationships and connecting with prospects. Design and Promote works with businesses to assess their current social media strategy, determine their company and social goals and we develop a custom plan to achieve those goals that will fit within their budget.

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Our Social Media Marketing Process

How effective social media marketing gets your business noticed


Research & Interview

Our social media marketing process begins with research and an interview to learn about your goals and target market, assess your current strategy, determine areas for improvement, and establish our baseline.

Develop Your Custom Plan

Design & Promote will review the information gathered from our research and initial interview to develop your custom social media marketing plan.



Once approved, the Design & Promote team collaborates to implement your custom action plan and works to achieve the goals that we’ve set for your social media marketing campaign.

Measure Success

Design and Promote will continue to monitor your social media campaign to ensure that our efforts are working to achieve your goals.

Get Connected on Social Media

How to Choose Your Networks and Connect with your Target Audience

Design and Promote works with every client to develop a custom social media marketing strategy that best suits each business’s needs, goals and budget. We start with an initial interview to learn more about your target audience and build a plan that will effectively put your business, products and services in front of the right market. Not every social network is right for every business. When Design & Promote’s social media marketing experts develop your plan, we work with you to determine which network or networks will work best for your business.

Starting from scratch?

Not sure how or where to start?

Design and Promote offers social media profile creation services so that we can get your business noticed and we’ll set up your profiles in no time! We will help you identify which networks are best to feature your business and we will design custom graphics to match your profiles with your branding.

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Looking to develop your social media strategy and strengthen your online presence? Reach out to our social media experts at Design & Promote today!