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Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns provide a way for businesses to touch base with current customers or prospects for new customers without picking up the phone. PPC Advertising encourages growth by utilizing one of the only instant ways to increase traffic to a website.

PPC advertising allows businesses to generate more leads and have more control over the market that is being targeted, and therefore, who is seeing the ads. Design & Promote’s program for mid-sized companies is among the best in the country and our PPC team is certified as a trusted google partner after receiving extensive training in the program.

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Our Pay-Per-Click Process

How we deliver game changing results with PPC



Design & Promote researches your industry and market demographics in order to develop an effective keyword list for your business.

Build Your Custom Strategy

Our PPC team builds your custom strategy by utilizing our keyword list, your feedback, the PPC monthly budget and your target market demographics.

Implement your Campaign

Once approved, our PPC team implements your custom strategy and shows ads to your target market.

Achieve & Monitor Results

We continue to monitor results to ensure that your campaign is working most effectively. Our team will adjust your bidding based upon search trends so that you get the most out of your budget.

FAQs About PPC

Your Questions, Answered

What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

PPC allows businesses to compete for top placement on Google search results in the ad space listings. These listings are placed alongside organic search engine results and are reached by utilizing Google’s auction-style environment. The highest bidder for a specific keyword will receive the highest listing on the results page of each search engine that participates. When a targeted lead clicks on the ad link to a business’s website, the business owner will pay the fee that is associated with that particular key word. PPC allows for the flexibility to determine when to show PPC search terms on a Google search results page as well as how much budget to apply to each term, or the PPC advertising campaign as a whole.

What will determine the website’s search engine position?

The position of an Ad is determined by a number of factors. These factors include:

  • The amount that you are willing to bid for each keyword
  • How well the ad represents the keyword that it is being shown for
  • How well the landing page that the ad points to represents the keyword that the ad is being shown for
  • The competitions’ bid amount for a keyword
  • How well a competitor’s ad and landing page represents a keyword

Bid changes by your competitors can adjust where your ad appears within the search results. The minimum bid for any keyword is $0.10. In order to stay ahead of the competition, your bid for each keyword must either be higher than your competitor’s or your ad and landing page must better represent the keyword that you are targeting.

Bids can change and be changed in real-time in one-cent increments which allows for full control over the price your business is paying for each keyword. In order to maintain the desired search result placement in this competitive and constantly changing environment, it requires continuous attention. Our professional PPC management services ensure that you remain in the desired position to achieve your marketing goals and stay within your PPC budget.

What is the cost for Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising?

Pay Per Click costs can vary depending on the keywords, the amount of competition and the target market. Some keywords may require the minimum $0.10 bid to achieve the highest results, while other keywords can cost much more and fluctuate from that minimum bid amount. You pay for the fee associated with the specific keywords within your PPC campaign when the keyword is searched for and your ad is clicked. Design and Promote’s Adwords Management services allow you to customize your bidding strategy with the help of our team in order to obtain the most cost-efficient leads.

What Search Engines will my keyword list and ads appear on?

Your ads will appear on Google search results pages. There are options to show your ads on Google partners that are utilizing Google’s search engine. These partners include: Netscape, Earthlink, AOL, Lycos and AskJeeves.

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