Case Study

Bauer Dentistry & Orthodontics

Objectives & Strategy

Game-changing results, delivered

Bauer Dentistry & Orthodontics ( is a dentistry and orthodontics office in Wheaton that began SEO services with us in January 2016. Their primary goal was to attract more visitors to their website and convert those site visits into office visits.

More Visitors & More Engagement

Higher visibility leads to increased traffic & conversions

The approach was not so aggressive and focused on fresh content generation. Design & Promote created blog posts, offsite blogs, and distributed content to niche websites. By April of 2016, they amassed nearly 2,000 site visitors for that month, which was an exponential increase from their January 2016 visitors of only 130. By July of 2016 they received over 5,000 visitors to their site per month.

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An increase from 14,000 to 32,000 site visitors – in an 8 month period!

More leads generated through blog posts, and fresh website content

Bauer Dentistry & Orthodontics started off with 20 of their 26 target keywords ranking, with just about half of those on the first page of Google. Now every single one of their target Keywords ranks on Google with eight of those occupying the number one result. 24 of their 26 keywords are now on the first page. Blogs are still the focal point of their SEO strategy and they recently utilized Design & Promote’s site speed optimization to help increase load times across their website. was able to break the 10,000-visitor threshold in January of 2017, receiving just shy of 14,000 visitors. Fast forward to September 2017, they received just over 32,000 site visitors, which translates to a 25,000% increase in website visitors, from January 2016 to September 2017.

  • Increase in Average Monthly Visitors (Yes, that’s real!) 25183% 25183%
  • Keywords on Page 1 of Google 92.3% 92.3%
  • Keywords in top 3 positions of Google search results 61.5% 61.5%

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Game-Changing Results, Delivered

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