Social Media Naperville

Social Media Naperville

Social media started in the early 2000s connected to Myspace arguably. Today social media is changing our communication and the way we do business. Design and Promote experts know the complete importance of having your business connected to social media platforms. These social media outlets have acquired data to help your business grow, brand, and build awareness. Nearly every social media platform has some form of control over interactions between company and customer.

Social media is now the norm for human interactions. For more information on our social media solutions, please call Design & Promote today at 630-995-7109. Get in touch with any of our friendly professionals by completing the online request form on this page.

Web Design Naperville

Analyze & Strategize

Design & Promote will review your goals & assess areas of improvement to design a custom action plan for your business.

Implement The Plan

The Design & Promote team collaborates to work their magic and implement the action plan approved.

Measure Success

Measure results of the implemented plan against the goals and discuss options to keep the momentum going.

Seven Facts About Social Media Naperville

As you begin to start your endeavor into social media, thinking about putting your business in front of the world is simply a must. Design and Promote will take the time to place numbers before you to help your decision.

• As of Dec 2019, the total world population was 7.8 billion.
• The Internet has 4.5 billion users.
• The average daily social media time used each day is 142 minutes.
• 91% of Retail brands have two social accounts.
• Facebook Messenger and Whats App handle 60 billion messages a day
• Facebook has 2.5 billion users
• $90 billion spent on Social advertising

These facts are a strong winning case why our professionals stress the importance of your business’s brand.

Connect with Customers through Social Media in Naperville

The social media experience has many ways of taking your business and expanding your brand to another level. Every description and post has an opportunity to gather data to understand your demographics better. Design and Promote experts are ready to help you move your business to the social media outlet.

For more information on social media in Naperville, please call the team at 630-995-7109. You can also choose to get in touch with any of our friendly professionals by simply completing the online request form.

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