08 Apr 2014

The Importance Of Using 301 Redirects With A New Website Design

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301 redirects help prevent 404 errorsThinking about redesigning your website? Or changing domain names? Are you already ranking well for some keywords? Hold up! While we are all for you moving away from an archaic website design to a more modern one, there are somethings to consider.  For instance, what are you going to do with all of those backlinks that are pointing to your old site? If you’re not careful, you can loose your SEO power without utilizing 301 redirects. Without a good integrated web design and SEO strategy you may loose the top spot in Google. And it will come right when you have a new beautiful web design to show off.

What You Need To Know About Using 301 Redirects With Your New Web Design

While redesigning a website is a popular option for business owners, it’s important to remember that every time you change the path of your URL structure you may, inadvertently, be breaking links within your website pages found elsewhere on the web. The result? Your new website may not, initially, deliver the results you had been expecting. In fact, many companies actually notice that, when they first go live with their new site, their visitor traffic plummets. Reconfiguring your existing URL structure can instantly drive your traffic numbers into the ground, taking all of your previous SEO initiatives with it.

The best way to ensure that your new website design doesn’t hurt your SEO initiatives is to implement a 301 redirect as part of your website migration process. Sure, under certain circumstances, you may feasibly maintain your existing URL structure with your new website setup. But if you plan on revamping your content, changing your URL may make the most sense. Enter in, our friend, the 301 redirect. 301 redirects have three primary goals to help save existing SEO power.

1) A 301 redirect informs the search engine that old copy and online pages have moved and no longer exist in their previous locations.

2) 301 redirects automatically reroute website visitors to the newly appointed page for a seamless user transition between old and new URL’s.

3) A 301 redirect tells the search engines to quit indexing your old page and start indexing your new page in the future. (there is also a 302 redirect that says the same thing but only temporary)

Another way of saying it is a 301 redirect tells the search engines that people who want page A will be directed to page B instead.

Using 301 Redirects to Keep Your Credibility

One of the quickest ways to annoy visitors and loose your credibility is to bring them to a 404 page. 301 redirects not only help redirect visitors to the correct pages, they boost your company’s search engine credentials. Search engines have algorithms that help it build “trust” with any online site. This trust is based both on having an aged, established website as well as an SEO initiative chock full of relevant inbound links. Without using a 301 redirect to salvage your existing links to new pages, the search engines will instantly deem your new website as a brand new website and you’re starting over. Google isn’t following the power.

By setting up a 301 redirect from your old site to your new site, your traffic numbers should return to normal within a 1-4 month time span.

If you are getting your website redesigned somewhere else, make sure they know what keywords you are ranking for already and fully understand how to implement a 301 redirect strategy.

If you’re ready to redesign your website and have not selected a team to work with yet we can help ensure that you reap the benefits of a new modern look while sustaining your current SEO rankings.

For more information  contact us.


18 Mar 2014

Creating An Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy

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picture of an integrated marketing strategy
Gone forever are the days when an organization could rely on independent advertising campaign. Today’s business professionals instead must implement a unified and consistent brand image that resonates with their targeted consumer niche and leaves a long lasting impression. What’s the best way to effectively deliver a streamlined, uniform promotional brand image?  Create an effective integrated marketing communication strategy.

Why Your Business Should Be Using An Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy

At its core, an integrated marketing communication strategy unifies formerly independent promotional activities for a cohesive and consistent final advertising solution. Rather than creating various advertising campaigns and initiatives with different objectives, business owners using an integrated marketing communication strategy will use the same messages and missives on various platforms to achieve universal goals for the organization. Both traditional and online resources can blend together to deliver a unified brand image to a company’s targeted demographic.

We’ve often worked with our clients to create an effective integrated marketing communication strategy that successfully combines traditional and online promotional tactics. The benefits of a cohesive marketing approach are extensive, some of which include:

  • Reinforced brand exposure
  • Enhanced business reputation/legitimacy
  • Increased consumer loyalty

For today’s entrepreneurs, failing to incorporate an integrated marketing communication strategy within their organization can ultimately mean leaving opportunity on the table for the competition to scoff up.

Helping Clients Create An Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy

When working with our clients to successfully manage an integrated marketing communication strategy, we take a holistic approach to ensure optimal results are achieved. We begin the process by working closely with our customers to fully understand the scope of their existing traditional campaigns. This initial step involves discussing the details of your business’ current brand identity. Marketing slogans, product graphics, logos and your brand color schemes are all analyzed to create a uniform, consistent brand identity to be used in marketing campaigns.

From there, we work with our clients to create a detailed outline of their business’ specific consumer niche. Important buying trends, interests and characteristics are all critical components to what makes your targeted demographic unique. By understanding your consumer pool, we are best able to create a marketing plan that caters to their distinctive needs and wants.

With a firm grasp of what your business is about and the demographic it markets to, it’s important to implement a customized integrated marketing communication strategy that will deliver a consistent message in every campaign your company undertakes. We not only help business’s implement  integrated marketing communications strategies, we also gauge the progress of campaigns. By conducting periodic check-ins on how your marketing solution is working, it is easier to go back and make changes and modifications as needed to ensure optimal results and ROI.

Want to hear more about integrated marketing solutions? Contact Us: http://www.designandpromote.com/contact or attend one of our free internet marketing seminars.

25 Feb 2014

Business Photography: Key Benefits For Every Chicago Company’s Marketing Mix

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How old are your professional photos on LinkedIn? Or how old are the photos of your products?  Keep Images of you and your business up to date so that your online presence remains interesting and cbusiness phototography expertscredible.

We believe that the best way for most brands to create a professional presence online is to utilize professional business photography services. Don’t rely on your phone to handle all of your marketing photography. You wouldn’t hire a plumber to paint a bathroom. Makes no sense, right? In this blog post we share how we can help you set your business a part from the competition through customized business photography.

While the thought of outsourcing your business photography to our professional team may initially feel like an unnecessary expense, it’s important to remember that your print and online image may be the only opportunity you’ll get to make an impression. Can you afford to pass on business photography services? Maybe, but in the long run that isn’t the most cost effective strategy.

Here are some of the benefits of Hiring a professional business photographer:

  • Expert advice from a Chicago professional photographer: Taking high-quality images means having access to a quality digital camera and a top-notch photographer. Partnering with our team to manage your business photography needs means your images will be taken to capture the most appealing aspects of your organization. We can offer our insight on best practices and help you showcase your business in the best light.
  • Professional photo retouching on all images: While it is argued that if anyone has a smartphone and an Instagram app, he or she can be a photographer. But beyond the filter feature, even the best executed shot often needs a little editing and tweaking to truly deliver. Not only do we take the photos for your organization, we will also crop and edit them to integrate seamlessly onto any online medium. Such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter.
  • Custom sized print and online photos: All of our high-resolution images can be used in a wide variety of marketing formats. Whether you’re looking to enhance your online marketing campaigns, or choose graphics for print handouts, we’ll quickly be able to put together a versatile portfolio and photo gallery based on your needs.
  • Integrated visual marketing strategies: Best of all, when partnering with our team you’ll not only be working with a team of photography professionals; you’ll also be partnering with a leading online marketing powerhouse. Our team of experts will be able to create customized campaigns and initiatives designed to showcase your company’s best attributes and launch it to new heights.
  • Use Google To Show Off Your Images:  A recent addition to our line of photography services is our Google 360 Virtual Tour Photography. We are based in Naperville, IL, but we travel all over the Chicago area to shoot virtual photos for businesses and corporations. These virtual tours are perfect for customers to “see inside” your business from behind any computer or device. For any business or corporation that wants to expand it, integrating a virtual tour photo into Google Places is a smart move.

View Our Google 360 photo for Players Indoor Sports Center in Naperville:

14 Feb 2014

How To Craft The Perfect Blog Post For SEO- Free Workshop

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blogging for content marketing

We are hosting our 15th seminar on Monday Feb 24th! The seminar will be held at our Naperville, IL office in the training room from 4PM-6PM.  Attendance is free, but registration is required. We’d love for you to join us! Sign up below.

Who is this for?

This free training seminar is for anyone that deals with web design, content management or anyone who wants to learn how to help his or her business be found through blogging as a part of a content marketing strategy.

Topics Covered:

  • An overview on the types of blogging platforms and ways to integrate them onto your website. Such as Squarespace, WordPress, and Joomla.
  • How to utilize data from keyword search results for blogging.
  • What is alt-text? What is anchor-text? We’re going to break it all down for you!
  • Help you understand the technicalities of optimizing blog posts for SEO.
  • Exactly where to place keywords in a blog post.
  • How to properly name your photos for image and video searches.
  • How integrating these keywords in these blog posts may help your business rank higher in search engines.
  • Why gaining backlinks to your posts will help them rank higher.
  • How to use social media to promote your posts.
14 Feb 2014

[INFOGRAPHIC] Love Your Content Marketing Strategy

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{click graphic to enlarge}

content marketing infographic

07 Feb 2014

Newsletter Marketing Tips That Get More Subscribers

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email marketing best practicesToday more and more businesses are using newsletter marketing to keep in touch with their clients. In fact, according to the Direct Marketing Association, “National Client Email Report (2013) 67% of marketers agree that e-newsletters are the top email messages that help them achieve their business goals, up from 45% two years ago. Newsletter marketing is popular because it allows you to keep in touch with customers that are interested in your company, but in a less invasive way.  Typically, customers “opt-in” to receive a newsletter.  The customer is therefore most likely to open it and appreciate the content inside—as long as it is well presented and valuable to the subscriber.

Newsletter Marketing: Tips for Creating A Great Newsletter

After you’ve decided that your company needs a newsletter, the first thing we recommend is to find a newsletter marketing company that can supply you with expert content and design assistance. Look for signs that your chosen firm is indeed an expert:

1) Customized Newsletter Templates.

Most business newsletters, especially those done by the smallest companies, are template newsletters.  Businesses “fill in the blanks” by loading content into the open spaces and mailing it to their customers.  However, the same newsletter template may also be in use by hundreds of other companies. If you use the same template, you miss the opportunity to employ your brand to stand out from the crowd.  A good newsletter marketing company is able to create a customized template for your newsletter, featuring your corporate colors and logo. It should correspond with your brand and look like your website and promotional materials. Your customers should be able to identify your newsletter by its design alone.

2) Content Assistance.

Producing content regularly for a newsletter can be a daunting challenge. While some companies try to do it themselves, it is far easier and usually more cost efficient to outsource the content creation. A good newsletter marketing provider has access to content professionals who can perform the interviews, gather the research and produce the articles that will make your newsletter a stunning value to your readers. They can also provide important newsletter marketing tips born of experience to continuously improve the publication.

3) Email Marketing Companies.

Look for email marketing companies that can help you identify the most appropriate email marketing services for your newsletter. Depending on the client’s needs, at Design and Promote we usually recommend these services: Constant Contact, Mail Chimp and IContact because of their ease of use and reporting features. Which brings us to our final point…

4) Tracking and Reporting.

After you press “publish”, your firm should be able to help you track the progress of your newsletter and analyze the results. If your numbers for “Opens” and “Click-throughs” are not hitting projections, a good email marketing companies will have ideas on how to improve the newsletter’s performance. They should also be able to assist in email list management.

Best Email Marketing Practices to Get More Subscribers

To get more subscribers, you must develop a quality product.  Here are some ways to do it:

1) Start with a goal and establish your standards. 

There are many qualities that make a great newsletter, beginning with a focused, definitive goal for the publication.  What is your number one objective?  Educate the customer? Drive website traffic? Position yourself as a leader in the industry? Offer coupons and promotions? Introduce new products? Keep customers updated on the industry?  Even though you may answer “yes” to all of the above, if you set one goal above all others, it will help drive the content forward initially and build your audience by fulfilling their expectations. Write an editorial mission for your newsletter and include what percent of the newsletter will be informative (news about your business, industry news and trends, products, staff changes, etc.) and how much will be educational.  The most effective newsletters are those that offer true content VALUE to the recipient.  An 85% educational – 15% promotional mix is usually effective.  Also, give your newsletter a name. This gives the newsletter prominence and helps build the relationship with the mailing list.

2) Stay true to your mission.

If you’ve decided the mission of your newsletter is to educate your customer about industry trends, don’t do an about face in the second issue and fill the page with ads about your products.  Likewise, if your newsletter is for promotion and new ideas to use your product, don’t fill the next issue with statistics and long- winded copy about industry trends.

3) To get more subscribes, give them what they want.

Get into the heads of the people on your list.  What do they want to know about your company? If you could get all your customers in a room for five minutes, how would you answer their questions?  This is the content you should put in your newsletter. Become their trusted source on what is happening in the industry and how it affects their business.  Give them valuable content that will leave them looking forward to the next issue. Become a trusted source and they will trust you with their business.

4) Lead with a great subject line.

Without a good subject line, the recipient will not open your newsletter. Many companies ask…what’s a better subject line? Something catchy or something straightforward?  For example, let’s suppose the lead story in “The Latest Coat” newsletter from Wexford Stain Co.  gives tips on how to stain a deck. What would be the best subject line to entice the customer to open and read the email?  Here’s some options:

  1. This Month’s Latest Coat from Wexford Stain Co. Winter Issue
  2. Jump Ahead Into Spring Home Improvement.  Latest Coat from Wexford Stain’s Winter Issue
  3. When’s It Time to Give Your Deck the Brush? Latest Coat from Wexford Stain’s Winter Issue

All three are written to get the reader to open the email, but with different approaches. Obviously the first is straightforward. The second is meant to motivate them by evoking an emotion of urgency with the change of season. The third is written to mildly amuse, and tease them into opening the file. Which one is the best? According to the websites of some email marketing companies, the best subject line “describes what’s in the email.” However, we believe the best subject line is the one in a style that appeals most to your particular customer.  To find out, we often help clients test different subject lines to help them create more successful ones in the future. The results can be surprising!

5) Be Personal.

Make the newsletter easy for the reader to read. Speak to them in language they understand. Don’t use jargon.

6) Design the Page Well. 

Your newsletter should be inviting, not daunting.  Use images, bullet points and other devices to break up large portions of text so that it is easy to read. Link to your website for longer articles and postings.

7) Get More Subscribers Through Social Media.

If you want more subscribers, spread the word that you have a newsletter. Ask readers to tell others about your newsletter. Link an article or two to your social media sites. Be sure to offer an opt-in form to receive the newsletter on your website for people visiting.  If you can, post issues of your newsletter on your website so they can be accessed by site visitors. Keep your list pure and populated.

Complying with CAN-SPAM Laws

Any company with an email newsletter needs to comply with CAN-SPAM laws. The CAN-SPAM law of 2003 was signed to do just what the name implies: to “can spam”. The full actual name of the law is the “Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing”. According to the full description of the CAN-SPAM law , fines can be up to $16,000 per each piece of email!  So before you send out that enewsletter, ask yourself these questions. If your answers are all “yes”, you are most likely CAN-SPAM compliant.

  • Does the subject line truthfully express what is in the email?
  • Have you accurately identified the sender of the email in the header information?
  • Have you accurately identified the “reply to” address within the email?
  • Have you included a physical address in the email?
  • Do you offer a clear and obvious way to opt-out in your newsletter, free of any additional effort required by the recipient?
  • Do you “unsubscribe” people within 10 days?
  • Are you sure that your newsletter marketing company is following the CAN-SPAM regulations?

Since you are legally liable whether or not your company is doing the actual mailing, it is important to find a company that is well versed in the CAN-SPAM laws. Disclaimer: While we like to share information on email marketing best practices, the advice on this website is not a substitute for legal advice. It always important to consult with your own legal counsel. If you are interested in newsletter marketing for your company, Design and Promote has years of experience doing it right with exciting design, engaging content and efficient mailing and reporting. Contact us today.

28 Jan 2014

Company Event Recap: Chicago Internet Marketing 101 Seminar

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Top Lessons About Internet Marketing Strategies from the Chicago internet marketing company Design & Promote

Local marketers & business owners joined us for our “Internet Marketing 101” seminar at the Naperville Chamber of Commerce on Thursday. Design & Promote’s Project Manager and team member, Amy Brownfield, was the presenter of the evening’s seminar.  Brownfield discussed key Internet marketing strategies that marketers and business owners could use in order to help them convert leads to customers.

Note: For anyone who missed this presentation, there is a link to the PDF version of the slideshow at the bottom of this post.

Treat Your Website As A Marketing Tool

To help curb the rapid decline in attention spans, marketing campaigns need to captivate people’s interests quickly. “Your website should tell the visitor what your company does in 3 seconds,” said Brownfield.

marketing tips for websites

A large portion of work that Design & Promote does as a Chicago Internet marketing firm is helping companies with Search Engine Optimization. Brownfield shared some SEO tips that integrate easily into any Internet marketing strategy: “Think like your client when you’re looking for keywords to use,” said Brownfield.

Tip: Use the Google Keyword Planner for finding phrases and words that your customers would use to find your product or service. To learn more about picking the right SEO keywords to attract more customers read our blog post from our last Internet marketing seminar.

After optimizing your website, be sure to create strong call-to-actions that tell users what the next step is:

“A company or organization’s website should have an objective it wants users to complete whether it is filling in a contact form, signup for a newsletter or volunteering their time,” said Brownfield.

Another way to increase traffic to your website is through content marketing and blogging.  According to Brownfield’s research, “Companies who increase blogging 6-8 times per month almost double their leads.”


Applying Internet Marketing Strategies To Social Media 

internet marketing strategy for social media

Brownfield said that the best way for a brand to use social media is set up its social media accounts to “cohesively bond” together. This doesn’t mean posting the same message across all social media accounts. She said that by rephrasing a message in different ways, you shape a more holistic view of your brand on social media.

However, brands do not need to be on all social media platforms. Ask yourself or your team: Which platforms are our customers most active on?

For instance, not every company needs to be on Pinterest. “Fashion, home improvement, and food industries do best on Pinterest,” she said.

According to Brownfield, it’s best to create goals to measure the effectiveness of your social media strategy. For instance, if your goal is to build brand awareness, writing LinkedIn recommendations for team members or clients is a great way to set your brand or your client’s brand a part from any competitors. “LinkedIn recommendations serve as great testimonials,” she said.

Internet Marketing Strategies for Building Email Lists

As an Internet marketing company, our team at Design & Promote has designed plenty of email marketing newsletters for clients. Just like your website, your email newsletters must include a clear call-to-action too. Building your email lists can be challenging. So, in order convert more traffic into leads, try prompting people to sign up through attractive offers like free ebooks, whitepapers, videos and webinars.

For instance, your call-to-action can be something like “Sign Up For Our Newsletter Today! And Receive Our Free Ebook ”

More examples of good call-to-actions:

examples of website call to actions








To download the full presentation click here

To view our past events and download those presentations check out our Eventbrite page. “Internet Marketing 101” is part of a free monthly seminar series on Internet marketing related topics hosted by the Chicago internet marketing company Design & Promote.

17 Jan 2014

Beginning The Web Design Process? Follow These Tips For Choosing The Right Domain Name

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At the cross roads on where to begin your web design process? Picking the right domain name is the first step. As a leading provider of Schaumburg web design services, Design & Promote recognizes that, when it comes to dominating any industry, online image is everything. In order for companies in every field to effectively hold their own in a global economy, business owners must have a prominent web marketing strategy. Without a cohesive web design and online promotional approach, business owners run the risk of being ignored in favor of the competition, not only on a worldwide basis, but also even within their own business backyard.

Choosing A Domain Name: A Key Component To Our Schaumburg Web Design Services

At Design & Promote, our skilled and seasoned Schaumburg web design specialists understand that, while creating a well-designed web layout plays an important role in every online marketing campaign, it’s not the only critical component to overall success. As a leading provider of Schaumburg web design services, we recognize that the first step in creating an effective online image begins with choosing the best domain name for our clients’ businesses.

Key Considerations When Selecting The Right Domain Name For Your Business

When partnering with Design & Promote for your Schaumburg web design services, you’ll work closely with our team of creative professionals to ensure that you receive a customized online marketing solution that optimizes your business’ web presence and impact. Choosing your company’s domain name is an important part of this process; that’s why we offer our clients key tips and considerations to focus on such as:

  • Consistent use of brand: Our online marketing experts know that a cohesive brand image is of paramount importance for optimal success. Our staff of Schaumburg web design professionals will strategize IP addresses that not only include relevant keywords, but also enhance your existing brand strategies for maximum return on investment.
  • Simple and straightforward choices: Many business owners (wrongfully) assume that, in order to grab online attention, they have to have a pithy domain name. This isn’t always the case. While incorporating your brand is critical, getting overly clever can quickly convolute the process. Confusing your targeted demographic can often prove a surefire way for them to move on to other businesses that offer the same services and products. When working with Design & Promote we can help you find an original name that conveys what your business is about without getting overly gimmicky.
  • No special characters: While sometimes a number, hyphen or other special character provides audience impact, all too often it just adds an opportunity for confusion. Having to take the time to spell out all special characters used in your domain name when speaking to customers can feel frustrating for both parties; keeping the special characters out of the IP address helps eliminate potential typos.
  • Finding the right suffix: Finally, when working with our Schaumburg web design team, we can help your business find the right suffix for your IP address. Using .com is always preferable, but if that’s not a possibility, we can work with you to find an appropriate domain name suffix that will still help get your business the traffic that it deserves.

Want to hear more about Design & Promote’s approach to Schaumburg web design services? Contact us today.

09 Jan 2014

Show and Tell With Google 360 Virtual Tours

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Lately, more and more businesses have discovered the benefits of showcasing their location with a Google 360 photographer. Adding a video tour is the best way to allow prospective customers to experience your business online. Now Design and Promote, in cooperation with a Google 360 photographer Chicago, is offering the opportunity to add Google 360 virtual tours of your location as part of our services.

In panoramic view, with the camera capturing all angles of the location, this version of Google business photos Naperville is the next best thing to taking an actual tour in person.  Using navigational tools, the viewer can look up, down, left, right, or wherever they want to as they virtually travel in and around the establishment.  The technology is the same technology used in “street view” and is available on Google Maps.

Obviously, a Google 360 virtual tour offers the advantage of viewer engagement and interaction within the tour but there are other advantages as well:

1) Because the tour offers a view of the facility from all angles, it offers more information in a shorter period of time. Chances are if the viewer is looking for something specific, they will be able to find it within the tour.

2) The tour generates familiarity, so the customer will be more likely to patronize the establishment once having viewed it.

3) Most viewers perceive a virtual tour as more accurate, and less out of date, than standard pictures.

3) Owners put a lot of thought into creating a mood for their visitors. The Google 360 virtual tour captures not only the function of the establishment but also the atmosphere and essence.

Who Needs Google 360 Virtual Tour?

Almost any business with an appealing space can benefit from Google 360 virtual tour.  However, businesses that welcome in patrons for longer visits and personal experiences seem to have the most to gain by showcasing their office, facility, or store. Below is a list of our top 10 businesses that need the Google 360 virtual tour. If you are on the list, consider the possibilities for your business!

1. Retail Businesses

2. Restaurants & Pubs

3. Banquet Halls

4. Hotels and Resorts

5. Tourist Spots

6. Specialty Retail Shops

7. Gyms

8. Salons and spas

9. Dealerships

10. Business Showrooms

Google 360 Virtual Tour Photography Service  

As part of our service, Design & Promote’s photographer will embed the Google 360 virtual tour into your Google Maps/Plus listing.  The listing is mobile friendly on Android and Apple devices.  If you are having your website designed or redesigned by Design & Promote, we can also embed the Google 360 virtual tour into your website.

If you require some still shots for your printed marketing pieces, these are also available from our business photographer. For the tour itself, our trusted, experienced Google 360 photographer Chicago will work with you to find the optimal time to do the photo shoot, when patrons are few and business activity is low.  Then they will work with you to design a tour that will showcase your space in the most appealing light.

If you are ready for your business to not only be found, but be experienced online with a Google 360 photographer Chicago, contact us today!

07 Jan 2014

Our 10 Best SEO and Marketing Blog Posts of 2013

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Whether you are a beginner in SEO or an intermediate user, we’ve cultivated 10 of our best SEO and marketing posts to help you refresh your mind and help you prepare for SEO trends of the New Year.

So, sit down with a nice cup of tea, coffee or hot beverage of choice and
follow us as we take you through some powerful lessons that will help your business.

1. Picture Perfect Images for Social Media

Do you know the correct photo sizes for Facebook, Twitter and Google+? If not, this post will show you the dimensions for posting your best looking photos on social media ever.

Facebook Twitter and Google+ picture guides






2. 16 Inbound Marketing Tools Your Company Should Be Using

Inbound marketing strategies put you on the path with someone who is already looking for your product or service. These 16 inbound marketing tools will help you align with the right people at the right time!

blog post on inbound marketing tips









3. Setting Up Google Authorship

Ever wonder how to get your photo to show up next to your content when it displays in a search engine results page? Google Authorship is an essential search engine optimization technique that is simple to set up. View our presentation here:

local google authorship workshop



4. Building Backlinks—The Right Way

The old way of doing SEO was to have loads of backlinks pointing to your website, and it didn’t matter where the backlinks came from. Not only is this technique outdated, it is detrimental to your search rankings; Google penalizes companies for bad backlinks. Read this post to learn about the best ways to build and gain quality backlinks.

best way to build backlinks for seo








5. Power Of A Press Release for SEO

Did you know that a single Press Release could help you boost your company’s search rankings? Learn how SEO and traditional press releases can help you position your business for success.

Seminar recap on press releases for SEO power



6. The Easy-To-Implement SEO Action Plan for Beginners

Is SEO completely foreign to you? Well just like the concepts for learning a new language—you begin to understand what people are saying first before you’re able to speak it—learning SEO is no different. This blog post is perfect for beginners in SEO that will help them bridge the gap between listening and speaking SEO.

seo action plan for beginners





7. How to Do a Search in Social Media

Did you know that even though Google indexes social media profiles, it only has access to public information? Therefore, you might not be getting the full benefits of learning about your target audience from Google or other search engines alone. This is where doing a search in internal social media search engines becomes necessary.

How to do a search in social media search engines






8. How to Write The Perfect Blog Post for SEO

Writing the perfect blog for SEO is quite easy once you have a general format for optimizing your blog posts. Read on to learn about the best places to plug-in keywords throughout your blog posts.

writing blog posts for seo








9. Best SEO Blog Ideas for Businesses

Running out of business blog ideas? Review our presentation and download our business blogging planning worksheet for help on crafting up ideas for your blog. Blogs are one of the best SEO tools that help businesses connect with customers and increase search rankings.

blog ideas for businesses








10. Good SEO but no customers? Check Your Web Design

SEO is only part of the equation for attracting more customers. If your website isn’t optimized to provide a great user experience, your customers won’t stay long enough on your site to close a sale. Contact a good Naperville Web Design firm for designing a website that provides an exceptional web experience for your customers.

Naperville SEO and Web Design Companies







Thanks for reading the Design & Promote blog! We hope these articles helped inspire you to build a great SEO strategy for your business. If you would like more help with SEO, Web Design or Social Media Marketing, please reach out to us!

1952 McDowell Rd. Suite 100, Naperville IL. 60563 All Content Copyright © 2013 Powered by Design & Promote