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chicago marketing strategyAs a leading team of Chicago Internet marketing strategists, Design & Promote recognizes how important having a social media presence is for our partners. That’s why we are constantly sharpening our approach on every customized solution we offer; we recognize that consistently reevaluating both approach and execution on this component of our Chicago Internet marketing strategies can help enhance the features that are already delivering results, and generate ways to include newer trends that effectively extend any organization’s brand reach and targeted audience impact.


Using Social Media As Part Of Your Chicago Internet Marketing Strategy

When working with Design & Promote, we will evaluate your current Chicago Internet marketing approach for social media and look for 12 more ways to help your campaigns yield maximum results.

Tip #1: Outline your plan:

Working with us means outlining exactly what you hope to achieve with your social media strategy. You’ll work with our Chicago Internet marketing experts to define the specifics of your goals and objectives. Are you hoping to build your email list? Increase follower engagement? Strengthen brand recognition? Not sure what your goals are? Design & Promote can help you outline relevant objectives.

Tip #2: Define result measurement:

Outlining goals is irrelevant if you don’t know exactly how you’ll measure achievement and results. We can help you tap into a wealth of online resources to measure progress for real-time success.

Tip #3: Build a relevant community:

What’s the best way to build a community of followers willing to repost, retweet and share your corporate information? Contribute to their online success first. Building your community by helping others is great way to build loyalty.

Tip #4: Use a comprehensive approach:

There are countless relevant social media marketing pages beyond Facebook and Twitter. Design & Promote can help you tap into a comprehensive selection of resources for a diverse, effective strategy. Additionally, we can strengthen your campaigns by adding SEO and blog posts into your marketing mix.

Tip #5: Cross promote:

Tie social media efforts together. Link up an Instagram account with Facebook. Did you know that Facebook owns Instagram? Why not link them together? Or, use the same picture on different pages, but resize it to go on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. for optimal consistency and brand exposure.

Tip #6: Create a post calendar:

Knowing when and what you’ll share to your online network will keep your team focused on deliverables and ensure that no major marketing component falls through the gaps.

Tip #7: Embrace Google features:

Create and host your social media calendar in Google docs for easy sharing with team members. Google features will instantly streamline editing and make collaborating around your social media efforts effortless for optimal results.

Tip #8: Don’t forget LinkedIn:

Yes, having Facebook and Twitter in your Chicago Internet marketing plan is important; however, using the corporate-centric LinkedIn can make a major difference in how you grow your business network.

Tip #9: Keep growing:

At Design & Promote, we know there is no such thing as having too many contacts; we can help you stay focused on consistently growing your followers.

Tip #10: It’s okay to check out the comp:

Keeping apprised of what your competition is doing can help you stay ahead of them.

Tip #11: Stay consistent:

Even though you’ll be promoting on several online pages, brand consistency is key; it’s the only surefire way to establish brand recognition offline.

Tip #12: Effectively humanize your brand:

Just because you’re connecting with your network online doesn’t mean you can’t add a human touch to your campaign. Design & Promote can help you create a selling voice/tone that will resonate with viewers.

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