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chicago-seo-companyAccording to a recent survey, the cost per lead for Chicago inbound marketing was 60% lower than the cost for an outbound lead. Inbound marketing was a fledgling marketing technique just a few years ago; now it has been proven more effective than some of the oldest promotion techniques. SEO in Chicago is synonymous with the rise of inbound marketing, and the two of them together have already transformed the way thousands of companies do business – and raised their expectations of return on their investment.


SEO Never Stops Providing Value

One of the major components of successful SEO in Chicago is the creation of a lot of new content. This content includes a lot that is put up for public use with attribution, helping establish companies within their industry while simultaneously helping with link building for SEO. Chicago businesses often don’t host this content on their own website. Instead, it is put up on article sharing sites and other common knowledge areas, where it can be freely shared by anyone who is interested.


These articles are powerful tools for SEO when they are first published, but they have another advantage: they never expire. For as long as they are hosted (typically forever, especially if well written), they provide added value to the initial investment in SEO. Chicago companies benefit from the Windy City’s active news and discussion networks, which can further bolster SEO of Chicago companies by circulating links even longer.


Organic Results Are The Most Trusted By Searchers

Do you click on sponsored links? If you’re like most Americans, the answer is rarely, if ever. The vast majority of people will choose organic links every time, which means that any company not using SEO to their advantage is potentially missing out. Using paid search advertising isn’t enough anymore; it takes a skilled Chicago SEO company to help companies break into a tough market, but the results are usually well worth it.


Talk To The People Who Want To Hear You

The days of push marketing are over. Now, it’s all about inbound marketing. This new technique is crucial, even in a big city like Chicago. Inbound marketing uses the pull method, attracting those prospects that are already searching for your services, around the world and locally in Chicago. Inbound marketing is a highly positive way to make first contact with new clients.


SEO in Chicago allows businesses to become visible for potential clients who are already looking for them. This is inbound marketing in its most pure form, with almost no pushy, overly traditional marketing component to worry about. Before SEO in Chicago really took hold, years of aggressive advertising sensitized the public to anything other than pull, or inbound, marketing. Today, the smart Chicago SEO company is taking advantage of this and working overtime to connect with visitors on their terms.


A Chicago SEO Company Can Help You Get Started

The new marketing model revolves around SEO in Chicago, throughout the country, and around the world. From inbound marketing to local search and viral marketing, everything increasingly begins and ends with search engines. If your company can’t be found or has weak SEO, Chicago customers won’t be able to give you their business. Make an investment in your business, strengthen your marketing, and the results might surprise you.


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