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chicago web design agency shares tips for blogging

You’re probably reading this blog post because you’re out of blog post ideas. Or maybe you’re just getting into blogging and you don’t know what to blog about. Whether you’re outsourcing blog content or writing it in house, coming up with blog post topics is time consuming. Here are some tips for making the blog post writing process both fun and simple.

1. Create User Personas

We’re a Chicago web design agency and coming up with user personas is a critical part of our design business. Believe it or not, creating user personas for content writing is important too! A user persona is often used for identifying who your website is for and what his or her specific needs are. The same concept applies to blogging.
For your next blog post, come up with one ideal person you want to write your blog post for. That’s right, Just ONE! Then, think about a common problem they face and write the blog post to help guide them to fix it.
SEO Boost: Put the proper keywords in the blog post to help your post rank in the search engines.
Think about what steps you want this person to take. Do you want them to contact you? Subscribe to your email newsletter? Encourage them to come back to your website or blog? Be sure to include a nice call to action at the end of the post.
Chicago web design agency example: Lets say our person is a 44-year old entrepreneur looking for a new website redesign from a Chicago web design agency. We know that this person’s website is outdated and they might be intimidated by all the technology available to them. We might write a post titled: “What Entrepreneurs Need to Know When Redesigning a Website.” Our call to action might be that we want them to fill out our contact form. Get the idea?

2. Listen to Your Audience

Here’s a simple blog post tip. Use the words from your audience’s mouth. What do they ask you? What problems are they reaching out to you to solve? Keep a pen and paper by you to jot down such questions. Also, pay attention to your client or prospect’s tone of voice. Was this person frustrated? Excited? Confused? Empathy is a much-underrated skill. After gathering this info, you should have an idea on how to answer the question in a blog post.

3. Interview Someone

Ask your audience members if anyone is interested in doing an interview with you. Or ask a client if you can refer to them in a case study. Getting the right kind of feedback from a client or industry leader can build lots of credibility for your company and it can enhance business relationships.

4. Make a List of Your Top Posts and Summarize them

Today, everyone is on information overload. So packaging your posts up can help consolidate your content for people to review and read. Depending on your output, you can bundle up your blog posts at the end of every month.

5. Identify Influencers In Your Industry

We’ve dedicated an entire blog post for conducting searches on social media.  Searching on social media for what your followers are interested in can help you get an idea for what to write about. Social media can help you identify influencers in your industry. Take note of what they are talking about. How can you become a part of the conversation?

6. Offer Insight Into Industry News

You know your industry the best. As a Chicago web design agency, we know that there are plenty of updates and changes happening in the tech industry. So sharing news that impacts our clients and audience is crucial. Whether it’s a search engine algorithm change or a new WordPress update or a new social media management resource, we’ll write a blog post about it. We hope you’re feeling inspired to write your next blog post. Good luck!
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