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Local Chicago web design Company Design & Promote sits down with NCTV17 for an Inside the Chamber interview to discuss how they build websites and online presence, through website design, content creation, SEO, social media, and more.

Chicago web design Company Design & Promote recently sent Project Manager Amy Brownfield and Creative Director Amber Tripp to meet with NCTV17 for an Inside the Chamber interview, discussing what businesses should know about internet marketing. Here’s what Amy and Amber had to say about how their Chicago web design company works to help companies, along with some valuable pieces of advice:

Who benefits from working with a Chicago web design Company like Design & Promote?

The success of web design stems from the fact that it is perfect for any business to reach their target audience. Virtually everyone is on the internet, meaning that everyone from any target group will be exposed to your online marketing. Building a website and devising an internet marketing strategy is equally beneficial for all industries, whether the company is local or national, B2B or B2C.

What are the most important elements of web design?

Your website is the online representation of your company, meaning you want to look professional and represent who your brand. “When somebody lands on your website, they need to know who you are [and] what you do within seconds… otherwise they’re out of there… they have to have a next move, a clear call to action,” explained Amber Tripp. “A good website has got to be effective. Clear, cohesive, and built for the client, not the company.” Continued Tripp.

How can a company best prepare for creating their new website design?

“I would always recommend to look out there at other websites in your industry and see what you like and what you don’t like…start thinking about the copy that you’re going to write on your site: What’s going to make people know that you’re different,” advised Amy Brownfield. The more a company looks at other web designs the more they will understand what they want for their own site. Once the thought process is completed, you can meet with our Chicago web design Company to discuss what you are looking for, what you don’t like on your current website, and what you want to showcase. Then, the web designers and developers learn more about the specific company and the market, draft a proposal, and revise concepts according to the client. After full development, Brownfield, Tripp, and their team go through quality assurance and testing and finally get the new website approved and launched. The final step is training the client so that you can take control of your site and manage and edit as you wish.

Which common misconceptions do you witness as a Chicago internet marketing company?

A common misconception that companies often have about web design is that a company needs to include all of the credentials and certifications on the homepage. Tripp advises her Chicago web design clients to “lead people in and put those elements in spots on the website where they need to be. But, you’ve got to get visitors into the door with clean, simple calls to action and include the credentials in a way that makes sense.

Where does SEO fit into web design?

Design & Promote is a Chicago web design company and SEO agency, offering full-service internet marketing. While most Chicago web design companies focus on one aspect of internet marketing, Design & Promote does it all, with teams of web designers, developers, SEO experts, social media strategists, and more all working together to deliver a cohesive strategy and comprehensive package. A better product is the result of all parts working together to build the best possible website. One of the advantages of working with our team is that they will start your website off with the correct SEO; Chicago web design does not carry the power of an SEO campaign, and a great website can only get you so far if no one can see it. Thus, our Chicago web design staff works closely with the SEO experts to get your website found in Google and gain more leads and customers.

What sets Design & Promote apart from other Chicago web design companies?

Design & Promote is different from any other web design company, because, as Tripp says, it is out of the box. Our Chicago internet marketing company emphasizes uniqueness both in the service and product. The team really gets to know the client to fully understand their wants and needs and deliver a product that fits both accordingly. When you work with our Chicago web design Company, you will get a product like no other- a completely custom site that speaks to visitors and delivers the right message, plus it will look incredible!

Chicago web design from the experts at Design & Promote

For the best of web design and SEO, work with our Chicago web design Company, Design & Promote! To learn more about Chicago web design and related services, call our web designers. Want to see more of what Amy and Amber had to say to NCTV17? Watch the complete interview below.