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Midwest Commerce Solutions signed on with the Chicago search engine optimization company to create a new website for the consulting services and specialized business software company. MCS was looking for a site that people could navigate easily to find exactly what they’re looking for. They needed to show their extensive list of products and services and let people know exactly what types of consulting they are able to do.

Design & Promote started with a clean homepage that shows who MCS is, what services they offer, and also shows recent news about the Sage technology. These functions allow Midwest Commerce Solutions to illustrate all of the services they are authorized to perform all in one simple and easy to find website.

About Midwest Commerce Solutions

Since 1992, MIDWEST COMMERCE SOLUTIONS, Inc., has become a premier regional provider of specialized business software and consulting services. Midwest Commerce Solutions offers Sage Software’s enterprise-wide software solutions specifically designed for small to mid-sized businesses, along with implementation expertise.