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One of Design & Promote’s not-for-profit clients, KidsMatter, was looking for a Naperville web design company that could create a website where they could announce upcoming events and have an easy way to communicate their mission of raising healthy kids to the community. The new KidsMatter website is not only a great way to get involved and find ways to volunteer, but also a good source for a large number of resources on Developmental Assets.

KidsMatter wanted a bright, friendly website that included lots of good pictures of kids. Design & Promote designed an inviting, user-friendly and colorful site that has a changing banner on all pages.

About KidsMatter

KidsMatter works hard to prevent problems from happening in kids’ lives by providing them with experiences, relationships, opportunities and values they need to succeed. Our education and programming is based on powerful research that’s proven by Search Institute. This research conclusively shows that the more Developmental Assets young people have in their lives, the less likely they are to take part in at-risk behaviors and the more likely they are to exhibit thriving behaviors.