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convert-website-traffic-into-customersWith all the web tracking software options available today, it’s very easy to find out how many people are visiting your website on a daily basis. However, it’s a little harder to say why they didn’t pick up the phone, fill out a contact form or respond to your offering.  If your website is fetching a lot of new visitors but not a lot of new customers, your problem is not your SEO.  It may be your website design.

The most successful websites pack a powerful one-two punch of incredible SEO with graphic design that gets results. Here are some examples of how updating or modifying your website’s design can eliminate some major obstacles to converting customers:

Website design can turn website traffic into converted customers.  One of our clients, a plumbing supply company, was convinced nobody was finding their website since customers were not responding.  We installed Google Analytics and they were amazed to find that the site was actually getting hundreds of hits a day.  So why weren’t customers responding?  The company’s competitors were showcasing beautiful images of installed fixtures in beautiful spaces while our client’s website featured lackluster graphics, dull copy and most importantly no call to action. We re-designed their website and they saw an immediate 30% boost in their conversions.

Website design can reduce “bounces.”   Websites only have a few seconds to intrigue and captivate a visitor.  One of our clients was marketing a targeted brand of software and their website was ranked number one for their keyword search term.  However, their website tracking revealed too many “bounces.”  In other words, site visitors took a one-second glance at their home page and left.  Here again, the problem was in the design, specifically of the home page, which was off-putting, and did not clearly indicate graphically what the company did.  After a strategic re-design of their home page, they experienced an immediate reduction in their bounces.

Website design can improve SEO.  Even though your SEO may be bringing customers to your website already, updating the design with new, attractive images that are individually tagged with your target keywords will drive even more traffic to your site.  Images and good-looking websites are shared on the internet so we are never surprised when our clients see an immediate increase in SEO when we launch their re-designed websites.

Remember, SEO gets customers to your site, but website design keeps them there and gets them to convert!  If you need some help converting your website traffic into customers or analyzing the effectiveness of your website design, contact us for a consultation.