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Chicago Web Design: How To Choose The Right Font For Your Site

Partnering with a qualified web design company in Chicago marks an important first step to creating your online brand. Throughout the creative process, your web design agency in Chicago will work with you on a wide range of components to consider. You will have to decide on important features such as layout, number of pages, content and graphics. One key, but overlooked factor that every business entrepreneur needs to choose is font type.

Design & Promote: Our Team Understands The Importance Of Choosing The Right Font

Are you surprised that font type would warrant consideration in your Chicago web design? Many executives initially feel the same way. However, here at Design & Promote, we know that choosing the right font can make a major impact on any visitors surfing your site. In a single glance, your selected font can convey your entire corporate vibe. We partner with our clients to ensure they know that, for new site users, your font can often act as your business’ first impression; selecting the perfect option can mean the difference between clicking through your content or simply moving onto see what the competition has to offer.

Tips For Selecting The Right Option For Your Chicago Web Design

When choosing your final font, aesthetics will obviously play a major role in what visually resonates with you. However, at Design & Promote we encourage our clients to consider more than just looks; in order to select a font that delivers optimal results, it’s important to think about how you will use fonts throughout the site. Additionally, you will also want to consider browser compatibility for optimal SEO results, as well as how quickly various fonts load onto a page.

At Design & Promote, our team of creative specialists will consult with you to consider how much content you will display on your site and in what format. Will your site offer larger headers with just a few quick bullets to complement page images? Do you plan to include a lot of articles and blogs on your pages? The more words and paragraph style content you use, the more you will want to consider a simpler font that doesn’t overcrowd the page and overwhelm your readers.

Additionally, our staff will also discuss the importance of not using too many different fonts throughout your pages. While you may enjoy the look of different font types on various pages, this tactic can actually work against you functionally. Rendering too many fonts onto a page can actually slow your website down, making your brand seem sluggish to your users.

Finally, many of our clients come to our meetings asking about free online fonts available. In some cases, these free fonts make perfect sense. They are fresh, visually appealing, and download easily. However, because they are free, many of these fonts can actually prove too popular. If standing out from the competition is your primary priority, you may want to consider something a little less common.

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