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Keyword research seminar NapervilleThank you to everyone who joined us Tuesday night at our free keywords seminar. The atmosphere in the Design & Promote conference room was filled with guests who were eager to learn about using keywords for attracting more customers.

We jump started the evening with a presentation from Bruce Jones, who is the CEO of Design & Promote. For anyone who missed this presentation, we’ve included a PDF version of the slideshow from the evening. You can find the link located at the bottom of this post.

5 Key Points About Choosing Keywords:

1. Use the Google Keyword Planner

Find the keywords that your audience members are searching with in order to find your business’s products or services online.

“Listen to your customers, they ask for things in certain ways. Use their verbiage when searching for keywords.” -Bruce Jones

2. Organize The Data

After you have found some keywords, you need to be able to layout the data in a way that you can digest the information. Bruce recommends exporting the data into an excel spreadsheet. Feel free to use our excel spreadsheet template included at the bottom of this post.

3. Integrate the Keywords Into Your Web Page

Since 90% of websites are not optimized for the web, adding the keywords to your web page’s title tag is often the first step. After that, you should  add the keywords into your website’s copy.

4. Search For The Keywords That Your Competitors Use

After you have found new keywords for your site, perform another search in Google using “allintitle: ‘insert your keyword’” and then look for how many searches are coming up for that keyword.

5. Maintaining High Search Results

Google’s algorithm is always adjusting, the best way to maintain high search results is to adjust with the changes and keep providing quality content for your target audience. Contact us for more help on optimizing your website.

This workshop is part of a monthly seminar series on internet-marketing related topics hosted by Design and Promote. Our free training seminars are for anyone that deals with web design, content management or anyone who wants to learn how to help their business be found online. This was our 13th internet marketing seminar, to see a list of our past events please click here.

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To download the presentation click here

For Excel spreadsheet template click here