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Website Design For Best Sales And Marketing Support

Designing an effective website for your business is about creating an interactive experience for you web visitors, which leads those visitors down a carefully laid-out path you want them to follow from landing page to clicking “buy now.” Your website should serve not only to get your name and branding out into the world, but also to generate leads for your sales team, and as a closing support for your sales team to use to make faster, more efficient sales. The role of a business website has evolved from being essentially an online brochure to that of a virtual member of your sales and marketing teams.

  • Expand Brand Reach – By using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) effectively, your business website can expand the reach of your brand message and sales influence far beyond that of your sales and marketing teams alone. Important considerations in improving your Search Engine Result Page (SERP) rankings include your site’s mobile response (does it automatically detect and adapt for correct display on mobile devices?), page load time, proper implementation of a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate, as well as a continual stream of new content on your site, and top website maintenance essentials. Fresh content that readers find valuable can generate free marketing in the form of sharing, and it can place your content and branding in front of people who may not have discovered you otherwise.
  • Naperville-Website-DesignLead Generation – With smart design and effective lead magnets, your website can capture warm leads for your sales team to follow up with and convert. Carefully planned campaigns involving lead magnets aimed specifically at qualified prospects, combined with an appropriate social medium – Facebook can be highly effective for consumer sales, while LinkedIn may be a better choice for B2B sales – help your sales team by getting the prospects to self-qualify and opt-in. Your sales team will be more successful when they’re not spending time on cold leads, and you’ll enjoy stronger profits and better retention among your sales force.
  • Sales Funnel – A well-designed business website will include a sales funnel that takes the visitor from awareness to interest, through the buying decision process, and walks them through to the purchase. It can act as a stand-alone sales mechanism, when people come to your website and walk through the funnel, or it can serve as a companion to the efforts of your sales team. Your sales people should be able to pull prospects out of the funnel when they’re slowing down and may need human interaction to convert, and they should also be able to drop people into the sales funnel for ordering, once they’re confident in a buying decision.

SEO Website Design And Sales Funnel Planning

It takes research and experience to find the most effective SEO techniques, lead magnets, and sales funnel path for your specific business and prospects. Design & Promote will work with you to develop a website that visually represents the unique branding of your Naperville business and provides the powerful marketing and sales support you need to increase sales. Contact us to learn more about our web design and Internet marketing services, designed with you in mind.