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Web design tips and strategies to present your small business properly and attract more customers.

A well- designed website from both the visual and the business standpoint is important for any business or organization, but even more so for a small business as it is the best tool to gain recognition. The possibilities for web design are endless, which is why it is important to determine which trends and tools are worth investing in to better your business. As a Chicago web design firm, internet marketing firm, and small business ourselves, the internet marketing consultants at Design & Promote have created a list of the most- necessary features that any small business should add- on to their current website.

Responsive Web Design

As the internet has evolved to be an integral component into every modern individual’s life, technology users demand responsiveness as a way

Website layout using responsive web design.

Website layout using responsive web design.

of maintaining the ease and comfort that it is intended to provide. Attract more visitors and be able to attract them as clients by providing them with the optimal experience as they visit your website. Web design should be created using the principles of color theory and be made up of memorable graphics. Content should be concise and informative with clear calls to action. Websites should be technologically advanced and appealing, yet simple enough for easy access.

Adapting to the changing technology and adding convenience to your website visitors’ experience means creating a responsive website for all forms of media. Web pages should be made in consideration to wide desktop screens, smaller laptops, tablets, smartphones, and mobile phones. The biggest website trend now is making mobile websites for the most convenient viewer experience.

Social Media Feeds

Social media has been revolutionary for businesses and consumers alike. Brand recognition through social media occurs as a presence is established and users view your page. Social media strategy allows for businesses to have their own pages and create a following with updates for potential and current clients. Posting promotions, awards, business updates, and related news can convert followers into customers and

The plethora of social media to incorporate into your website.

The plethora of social media to incorporate into your website.

establishes a small business as a powerful presence, just as larger businesses do. Utilizing social feeds in online marketing establishes credibility- testimonials can be placed directly from the profiles of other social media users and an active communication on the part of the business makes customers feel secure.

Adding these social feeds directly into your small business website allows for easier evaluation and encourages the viewer to follow your social media even after they leave the website. This way, you will not be forgotten. Projecting links or even live feeds of social media in your business’ website makes access even easier and is attractive to clients. Our Naperville web design clients love using an internet marketing strategy that interlinks their social media strategy to web design project as it boosts popularity and encourages quality content in both domains.

Updated Layouts

New trends for web design layout are once again looking to innovate and modernize the digital experience for web users. Parallax scrolling refers to sliding visuals and text that follow as the website user scrolls through the page. Although it is not the most cost-effective solution, it can be useful to certain industries and is an interesting mechanism to watch develop in the future. A trendy web design that is accessible to all is the look of image tiles. Websites like Pinterest and Instagram first started making image tiles popular, and many other companies like Facebook soon followed. With image tiles, websites create a visually appealing layout that is easy for people to discover and digest as well as share with

Pinterest as an example of trendy web design image tiles.

Pinterest as an example of trendy web design image tiles.

others and remember for the future.

Typography is nothing new, but the market for Chicago web design as well as worldwide does not utilize typography to its full potential. The styles of font, text color, and using hierarchy in relation to size throughout the page are all important to optimize the layout of your web page. The most important information should be at the top of the page and stand out; uniform text is commonly overlooked.

Final Thoughts

In the end, the online market provides small businesses with the opportunities to thrive. Those who take advantage of the internet opportunities are rewarded with bigger brand presence and receive more business. The best web design for a small business should encompass being responsive, presenting updated and trendy layouts, and have desirable features like social media feeds. Get more advice on web design by seeking the assistance of a web designer at Design & Promote.