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Web-2.0-website-linkingThe term “Web 2.0” refers to the second generation of web designing and development. The whole concept has taken a big leap in the last decade and the result of extensive research and development is the Web 2.0. The new generation web is capable of handling communication and sharing in a far better way, than its predecessor. Incidentally, the term “Web 2.0” has been coined by Darcy DiNucci way back in 1999. In her article titled “Fragmented Future”, she had mentioned this term and from then on, it has become very popular.

The Web 2.0 is expected to make the World Wide Web more user friendly by making it more secure. The new development is also expected to improve the sharing capability and the interoperability of the World Wide Web.

With the Web 2.0, the users can actually own the data present in the site and exercise complete control over it. With the help of the new technology, the users can also create a far more feature rich, content rich and user-friendly website, with the help of the Ajax interface. The Web 2.0 aims at changing the whole concept of the World Wide Web. The Web 2.0 aims at creating the concept of Web-as-participation-platform, which may change the way we use and look at the internet and the World Wide Web.

User participation is the central part of the whole concept of Web 2.0. The developers have tried to ensure that people from all walks of life are able to participate in this concept and each one has something to derive from the new technology. The other important features that are unique to the Web 2.0 are the concept of metadata, dynamic contents, and of course scalability. The Web 2.0 also introduces a totally new concept to us. The new concept is called the collective intelligence, which will be achieved by the maximized participation of various users at the same time.

The Web 2.0 uses the server software, content syndication, messaging protocols, standards oriented browsers with plug-ins and extensions facilities, various client applications and many more advanced technologies. The Web 2.0 also has advanced information storage systems, and the scope for creation and dissemination which goes much beyond the capacity of the Web 1.0.

The Web 2.0 is a technological marvel which is expected to change the way we surf the net and access the information over the World Wide Web. It promises to open up a new world in front of us, where we, the users are the most important part of the whole system.

Having a Web2.0 designed website means that you share your information with other sites and in turn reference material on websites other than your  own.

Using the RSS feed function of WordPress makes this syndication easy and you can set up a system where your blog posts to Facebook, directories and many other sites giving your business all the more exposure quickly, easily and with no management other than initial setup.

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