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Budgets are tough these days. And website copywriting might seem like a good place to save money. We get it. And yet one of the most common mistakes we see comes from business marketers who try to cut corners by writing their website copy themselves. And almost every single time, this turns out to be the wrong decision.

 Here are five reasons why leaving your website copywriting to professionals like Design & Promote might get you far better results than you can achieve on your own.

1.   Your website needs to speak your customer’s language, not your content writing help

Acronyms. Buzz words. Industry jargon. You might use these in your everyday business talk, but do your customers? Remember, your website exists for your customers. So to be effective, everything on your website needs to come from your customers’ point of view. Unfortunately, your natural tendency is to speak from your own point of view. A professional copywriter knows how to capture the right perspective and ensure your customers understand and engage with the content on your website.

2.   Your website needs to follow search engine optimization (SEO) best practices.

The rules in SEO change constantly. And yet, if your site isn’t properly optimized for the search engines, your customers won’t be able to find you. Unless you’re taking the time daily to read professional SEO blogs and journals, you are probably not up to speed with the latest SEO best practices. An SEO copywriter will know how to choose and use the right keywords in the right places, for the right results.

3.   Your website needs to be scan-able and user-friendly.

Many of us learned to write in high school – with those awful, big, dense research papers that we wrote purely to impress our English teachers. But website copywriting is very different. The best websites present information to readers in bite-sized, scan-able, user-friendly chunks that can convey an idea in three to five seconds. For most of us, this is tough to do. For a professional, it’s second nature.

4.   Your website needs to tell visitors what to do next.

Few things are more fatal to a website than dead-end pages. Every single page on your website needs a call to action – something that tells the visitor what to do next. Without a call to action, you risk visitors leaving your site and moving on to your competitors. Website copywriters can help you determine your goals for each page, so that each page is designed to move the visitor through your funnel.

5.   Your website needs a certain amount of care and feeding to grow.

Bottom line, you’re busy. Writing the copy for your website is going to take time – time that you don’t have. Here at Design & Promote waiting for content from the client is the number one reason a website project is delayed.  A professional copywriter knows how to get up to speed quickly about what makes your business special, and a professional will be able to pull together the copy for you to review far more quickly than you could write it yourself. This often makes the difference between your website launching on time or not.

We certainly could go on, but we think you get the point. Ultimately, hiring a professional copywriter will make your website look fantastic, engage your customers, and deliver the return on investment you need.

Contact us today to find out how totally worth it outsourcing your website copywriting can be.